Breast Prosthesis – Not To Be Feared

Breast prostheses are forms made of certain materials that have the function to simulate real woman’s breasts. The most common type is silicone gel that is molded into a kind of plastic skin. The shape and size of the prostheses varies a lot. A person can chose whatever they like and for a little more cost they can be made to specific requirements.

Example of Breast Prosthesis

Example of Breast Prosthesis

They help the body to be balanced and to help a woman to avoid pain in the back or the neck, as well as in the shoulder after a mastectomy. Most of the designs are made to feel like actual breasts as well as in weight.

They are designed to make life easier, to make you feel comfortable and better after a surgery. As you will read below, there are many types of breast prosthesis you can choose from to fit your needs. Some can be worn while doing active work or sport, so you will be able to feel normal at all times. If you have had a mastectomy or a similar operation you should give yourself a chance to try them. Despite all that has happened a breast prosthesis offers you an opportunity to feel better and look as good as you feel. Of course, it is best to consult with your doctor to see if this will be a healthy choice for you. The cost of breast prosthesis varies with the different types and can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 and higher for more complex structures and customization work.

You can find prostheses in many specialty retail outlets as well online. Just be sure to buy according to your prescription and from institutions with good reputations.
There are several types of prosthesis as follows:

External silicone prosthesis

These types are made of silicone and are one of the most common ones. They imitate a natural breast in every possible way for the purpose of comfort and reduce strain in the back and neck. It is important that they are customized so they fit the chest perfectly and don’t do damage to the shoulders.

Non- silicone prosthesis

These ones are made of foam or fiberfill material and have the advantage that they can be worn immediately after a mastectomy. They are perfect for exercising and swimming.

Attachable breast

This one is a very basic version – it is attached to the chest with strips and it is not as comfortable as other types.

Postsurgical soft camisole

This camisole is worn after a surgery and its material is soft and elastic with straps. It is good for wearing after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, and radiation therapy. It is very light and easily removable, which makes it convenient to wear in a pocket in the camisole.

Partial breast prosthesis

These are called equalizers and enhancers. They are also made of foam, but some types are made of fiberfill or silicone. They are made to be worn over a woman’s breast and have an enhancing effect on the appearance of the breasts. They are appropriate when only a part of the breast is removed – a common outcome aftera lumpectomy.

A matter of choice

The decision to choose to wear breast prosthesis is very personal and totally up to you. It is a popular choice for many women as they want to keep their body shape in a way they did before surgery. However, there are more advantages. Your chest will be protected and minimize the outward appearance of scars. Your posture will be enhanced as the weight of the prostheses simulates the way your breasts used to make you feel. Also bras and other undergarments will feel more comfortable and you will feel less strain on your back and neck.

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