7 Jul 2014

What to do when you have high or low blood pressure

We’re all aware of the fact that high blood pressure can cause a serious risk to our overall health – this goes for not only the older amongst us, but the young as well. However, it’s not
30 Jun 2014

Is Smoking Hazardous to ME/CFS/SLE patients?

A systematic analysis of how smoking can affect patients who suffer from ME, CFS or SLE. The effects of smoking are examined, along with possible long term implications. Introduction Smoking has long been derided as one of
10 Jun 2014

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Maintaining healthy white teeth always enchants your appearance. Healthy teeth additionally help you to consume well and delight in great nourishment. It is truly vital to deal with your teeth on the grounds that if not taken
14 Apr 2014

Separating the Myth from Fact about Bladders

Nobody really likes to talk about going to the toilet. As it’s a subject that isn’t spoken about in great depth during general conversation, it has become a subject that is victim to many a myth. The
7 Apr 2014

Eating Best Healthy Foods for Muscle Growth

Protein is the most essential nutrient for muscle growth. Heavy physical work out like weight lifting damages muscle fibers. This damage, then, activates a repair process that forces individual muscle cells to grow. This kind of muscle